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Custom Fender Emblem - Custom Lighting Order
  • Custom Fender Emblem - Custom Lighting Order

    PLEASE READ: This custom order is a temporary listing made for a specific list of clients that were chosen for the pre-order sale. After these initial orders, prices will go up to reflect the changes made based on the feedback and improvements. Do not purchase this item if the order is not intended for you. This item's listing description has already been discussed in detail with the intended customer. In summary, this item is the custom set of RGB LED fender emblems.


    Custom Fender Emblem Design

    Please send me a DM on Instagram or an email with a picture or screenshot of the logo. You can still place the order now so that materials are ordered and I can get started, but I will be reaching out to you to make sure your design is correct. 




    As discussed, the normal scope of work for this job would be $400 for a custom emblem set.  Due to this being a pre-order of a future item, it is discounted to $250 plus the additional charge of $50  for the design fee. This is a minimum savings of about $100.



    The final design will be sent to the customer for approval before anything is finalized and shipped out. There will be a delay for materials to be ordered and for the item to be made since this is a custom order made from scratch. Updates will be sent to the buyer throughout the process and you will get shipping information when the label is created. 


    Any further adjustments may require an adjustment in price. Current price is based upon current discussion and current condition of the housing and expected scope of work. Misrepresentation of customer provided materials may require additional charge (i.e. broke/rotted tabs, missing hardware, cracked lens, etc). Purchasing the product in this listing is an agreement to the mentioned scope of work. Updates will be given throughout the project and timelines will be discussed. 


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