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IllLumenEssence "Ray" Logo Sticker

IllLumenEssence "Ray" Logo Sticker

This sticker is the IllLumenEssence "Ray" logo. His name come's from a lighting pun, referencing a ray of light. More stickers will be released with the various versions of the IllLumenEssence logos, emblems, and images.


The IllLumenEssence branding is inspired from an era when neon lighting was becoming popular in the United States. Neon lighting was introduced from Japanese culture in the form of the car scene and retro video games. Soon, storefronts, cars, and racing video games started showing the beauty of bright lighting and captivating colors. Our design is heavily inspired from the video game "OutRun". This popular arcade machine used the imagery of a sunset over a grid track that showed a great depiction of the blended colors from the culture. Our company loves the innovation of the simple neon lighting from where it used to be, to where we are  bringing it today. We strive to innovate custom lighting so we can bring new elements that weren't possible with the technology before. This allows us to bring not only style, but safety and security to automotive lighting. Our logos represent a blended artstyle that can show the starting point of accessory lighting in the car industry and still a classic style that can be enjoyed today.


Your purchase of merchandise, such as this sticker and others, helps support the innovation of our company in a more affordable way and our ability to bring new products to you. We appreciate any and all purchases as it all adds up! Thank you for your support and we are excited to bring you new products

  • Included in the package:

    -"Ray" Sticker

    -Thank you note for your support

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