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Isaiah - Custom Lighting Order

Isaiah - Custom Lighting Order

This custom order is a temporary listing made for a client. Do not purchase this item if the order is not intended for you. This item's listing description has already been discussed in detail with the intended customer. In summary, this item is the custom underglow kit for normal rainbow/chasing modes as well as safety modes  for turn signals, brake lights, reverse lights, and emergency vehicle modes. This kit is bundled with the custom fender/wheel well lights. As discussed, the normal price of the Premium Underglow Kit would be $500 and the price of the custom fender kit would be $300. Due to a previous client's order accidently getting placed twice, there are already free materials in stock, so you are not being charged for the fender lights. However, you are getting the same bulk discout and $100 off your order, bringing the total to $400. Please check the normal listing for full list of featueres if curious for personal documentation. 

    $800.00 Regular Price
    $400.00Sale Price
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