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Premium Underglow Car Kit - Bluetooth Controlled
  • Premium Underglow Car Kit - Bluetooth Controlled

    The NEW Premium Underglow Car package by IllLumenEssence is controlled via Bluetooth from your Android or Apple smart device. You have the option of rainbow patterns, chasing patterns, and solid patterns AND this kit allows you to have an underglow brake light and blinker function. When braking or turning, your underglow will be interrupted and act as an enhanced visibility blinker. A brake light pattern or turn signal pattern will display and when finished, your underglow will resume the previously chosen color mode or pattern. This kit is a step up from all our current underglow options, as it offers the most customization and additional safety features. You also now have the option of a custom startup animation. When you turn on your vehicle, a custom pattern will appear before your underglow turns on. 


      *Bluetooth technology to control your LED lights

      *NEW* Underglow blinker and brake light

      *NEW* Custom power-on pattern

      *Rainbow pattterns

      *Chasing Patterns

      *Color Wheel

      *MILLIONS of color combinations

      *One of the Brightest LED kits on the market

      *Dim or Brighten your lights form your smartphone

      Kit includes Bluetooth controller, (2x) 6ft waterproof RGB LED light strips, RGB extension wires, and zip ties for installation. LED strips and Bluetooth controller can also be installed with your choice of automotive double sided 3M adhesive, epoxy, or inserted in a clear acrylic tube for enhanced durability (NOT INCLUDED).

      OPTIONAL: You may want to cut each strip into a 4tf and 2ft section depending on your preference of light distribution or vehicle size. Install a 4ft section on each side of the vehicle and install the 2ft section(s) in the front/rear of the vehicle. Each strip can be cut on the designated cut lines.

    $600.00 Regular Price
    $500.00Sale Price
    LED Type: WS2812B
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