• Sound Spectrum LED VU Meter Lighting Kit – IllLumenEssence Exclusive

    SKU: 0015

    The Sound Spectrum LED VU Meter Lighting Kit is a VU Meter that resembles older style audio equipment with a modern flare. You have multiple styles of VU Meters and Multiple Standby lighting patterns to use when music isn’t playing or whenever you want to change the style. VU Meter Styles and Standby Lighting Patterns are upgraded often so you may want to send your control box back to us for a free upgrade or if you’re electronically gifted we can send you the file to upgrade your control box yourself.


      The Sound Spectrum LED VU Meter Lighting Kit is an IllLumenEssence Exclusive Lighting Kit which means that the design was created, adapted, coded, fabricated, and brought to light by IllLumenEssence. Although all IllLumenEssence Lighting kits are created by me, the IllLumenEssence Exclusive products are unique lighting kits that bring a special level of innovation and customization that aren’t yet seen in the industry. Sometimes collaboration is needed to bring these products to light. Credit and many thanks goes out to all parties involved in the creation process or inspiration to make these unique products.

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    Color: Version 1

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