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Tailgate Light Bar
  • Tailgate Light Bar

    This tailgate light bar is programmable and allows you to have custom blinker, brake light, reverse, running light and hazard functions. Within the app, you can choose between amber blinkers, red blinkers, sequential blinkers, stutter-stop blinkers, and more! You get to choose any color and blinker type as well as  your choice of running lights and brake lights.


    If you'd like, there's optional "show modes" where you can choose modes for off road use or pair this lighting kit with our Programmable Running Board Marker Light Strips. These strips would be for the side of your truck and can add visibility to your vehicle at night. If you do add this option, then you have the ability to program its features separetely from your tailgate light bar settings. Your two kits work independently from each other and you can even choose when to have each one of them on. 


    If you are interested in adding the running board lights to your order for a discount, make sure you check out our product listing we made for Brandon, labeled "Brandon - Custom Lighting Order". It was his idea to bundle the lighting kits together! Individually if you were to buy the Running Board Side Marker strips, it would cost an additional $200. If you purchase the Tailgate Light Bar and the Running Board lights together, you only spend $400 total! That's a savings of $100!

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