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Under Hood Engine Bay Lighting
  • Under Hood Engine Bay Lighting

    This White LED strip will provide more lighting for your engine bay than your stock hood bulb. There is a fuse adapter and rocker switch to operate the light. The fuse adapter separates the circuit of your fuse box and will not interfere with your stock wiring. The rocker ON/OFF switch will prevent your light from drawing power, so your battery is safe. The lighting strip is heat resistant so it won’t get damaged by daily use. The light is held onto the hood by double sided tape rated for 30 lb hold. It is very important that you clean the mating surface of your hood before installation with degreaser, alcohol, and an adhesion promoter to prevent the light from falling off and damaging anything. If you are worried about the tape not adhering well or lasting long, please use the optional mounting brackets with self tapping screws. If the included strip is too long for your particular use, you can cut the lighting strip at the designated cutting lines indicated on the led strip circuit board. If you do this, the weather proofing seal will be broken so it is recommended that you use a fast drying superglue as a weather barrier at the area you made the cut. This is not necessary, but will further your weather sealing ability to prevent water, moisture, and dirt from interfering with the electrical connection.

    • Included in the package:

      -LED Strip with double sided tape

      -Fuse tap/add a circuit

      -alcohol wipe

      -adhesion promoter

      -optional mounting brackets

    $75.00 Regular Price
    $50.00Sale Price
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